2018 Silk and Light Nippon
The second event of its kind,
and part of a joint project among specified
districts throughout Japan.

Features fashion shows, and lectures based on the current state
and future of the silk industry, based on a theme of “silk and light.”
A panel exhibit introducing Tomioka Silk Factory and other areas
famous for making silk in Gunma prefecture unfolds,
as lights and sounds from TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION add grandeur to the entire event.

◆Event Days

October 7(Sun), 2018 TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION Grand Opening



Sponsors Chairmen from Specified Districts, Gunma Prefecture Mayor Association, Gunma Prefecture Township Association, Specified District Racehorse Association, Tokyoto Keiba Co., Ltd.
Support  Jomo Shimbun, (Kokuken) National Agriculture and Food Research Organization

◆Event Content


Time (scheduled)  16:30〜
Location L-WING 1F Racecourse side special stage
Content Theme : [Revolution in Sericulture – The Current State and Future of Silk]
Lecturer: Tetsuya Iizuka, Senior Researcher of the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization

fashion show

Time (scheduled) 20:00〜
Location L-WING 1F near the entrance (Umakatta Hiroba side)
Content  A glittering display of light enhances the introduction to [Isesaki Meisan] silk textiles made in Isesaki, Gunma, and dresses made of iridescent thread.
Performers: ISESAKI AUTO Grid Girls Kiratts ★ and other

Panel Exhibit

Time (scheduled) 16:00〜
Location L-WING 1F Paddock side
Content  Introduction to the wonderful aspects of Gunma Prefecture, including its World Heritage [Tomioka Silk Factory and Sericulture Heritage Site], and the latest in silk products.