Super Sensory Experiential Illumination



Cutting-edge technology spread across the 23 Wards of Tokyo, provides digital visualization of how Oi Racecourse was the foundation for which “horses,” “humans,” and “culture” have fused together to develop the past and present of Tokyo; the displays also give viewers a sense of what the future may hold.
We hope you will take this opportunity to experience the unequivocal massive display of illumination at Oi Racecourse, and be filled with sense of vitality and awe!






Japan is one of the few countries in the world ambitious about illumination.

Lighting events held all over the nation total well in the hundreds,

and boast the most spectacular technology and performance in the world.

Now, the country is right in the middle of a “civil war of lights” if you will,

competing both in scale and impressiveness.

[TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION], staged at Oi Racecourse in Tokyo,

is a culmination of the latest in technique and method of lighting,

and aims to take position at the top, both the nationwide and worldwide.Between April and September, while night races are held at Oi Racecourse,

the prologue to [TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION] will be held. Visitors can get a glimpse of the new and amazing world of lights that will open in October. 

This is a culmination 25 years of my work, and the events I have produced throughout the nation. Stay tuned to Tokyo’s new night scene and entertainment,[TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION], coming soon to “Amusement Park Oi (TCK)!


Executive Producer
Marumaru Motoo