Please observe the following rules in order to enjoy TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION(the name of this event).


1. Cautionary Items

  1. In order to ensure the safety of guests, the illumination event and other events may be cancelled due to inclement weather or earthquakes without prior notice. Please understand that in such cases, refunds or compensation will not be provided.
  2. Due to sanitation regulations, outside food and drink are not allowed inside the venue. Please purchase at the vendors inside, or visit the restaurants on site.
  3. Due to the nature of this illumination event, many areas are dark, so please watch your step. We will not be held liable for any injuries incurred on site due to our guests’ carelessness.
  4. We also do not accept request for announcements over the loudspeaker.
  5. In some cases you may become the subject of photography or interviews by media or other facilities. Such photos and interviews will be used for the PR purposes, advertisement, as well as for sales merchandise. We hope you will understand.
  6. The path inside the venue is covered in soil or grass in some parts, so please be sure to wear shoes that are easy to walk in.
  7. For those using a wheelchair to get around the venue, you may be instructed by the staff in some areas, as to where to go. Please be sure to follow their instructions.
  8. For security purposes concerning a fair race, please refrain from entering areas where entrance is limited or prohibited. If you lose or drop something inside of the limited area, please notify the staff immediately.
  9. Purchase of or refunds for race tickets are not available during the illumination event.



2. Prohibited Items

(1)In order to ensure the safety of guests, the following items are not permitted in the venue.

  1. Dangerous items such as: bottles, razors and other forms of sharp objects such as knives, flammable items, poison or other items which are restricted in public areas.
  2. Pets (whether or not in a cage)
    *This does not include service dogs (seeing-eye dogs, service dogs, and hearing assistance dogs).
  3. Flying objects (drones, radio controlled planes etc.)
  4. Skateboards, kick boards and other pedestrian conveyances(shoes with rollers: must be able to put away the roller part)
  5. Toys (balls and the like)


(2)The following acts are prohibited as they may cause an inconvenience or trouble to other guests.

  1. *Playing instruments, or music devices that produce sound that can be heard by others.
  2. *Photographing inside the venue with the purpose of use for advertisement, sales and business.
    *This excludes persons who have registered and received permission by the facility in advance.
    *The use of tripods, foot stools, selfie sticks(for taking selfies), to take photographs.
  3. *Selling or transfer of tickets privately, including monetary exchange for such transactions.
  4. *Any other act or disorderly conduct that will cause an inconvenience to other guests, or disrupt the peace within the venue.

 *If a violation to the above mentioned is found, you will be removed from the premises even after you have already paid admission. In such case, your admission fee will not be refunded, and no compensation will be awarded.